Welcome to our world

My art collection is a mix of objects, characters and offbeat perspectives.

My inspiration to play and doodle on pebbles came in 2005, when I went up the mountains in India for a vacation. The pebbles by the riverside seemed to speak with me. I picked a few and brought them home with me. We soon became friends when they met my pens and paints.

I mostly work with white pebbles that are found in the Himachal region of India. They are all curved. Yet each pebble is different. It has its unique texture and shape.

I create my friends keeping their character in mind. Some have an edgy nose, or a big head. Some come with a ingrained smirk or a smile. Most times their natural curves and subtle lines guide me on what they want to be with my hands, paints and inks.

It challenges me and pushes me to see things in a different way. Every pebble has a story to tell. It’s been a fun journey!